These kittens are simply adorable. Being a litter of only 3 they have had lots of attention since they were born. Both parents are owned by ourselves and can be viewed. Both parents have been shown at local Cat Shows and have exceptionally loving temperments which we expect to be passed onto the kittens. They will have been vet checked twice and have received both sets of vaccinations before le...
22-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: black and white kitten Personality: LeLee has such a lovable little face with her black nose! When you'll get home you'll see that little face peeking out at you, checking on who it is. If you scoop her up in your arms, she'll cuddle up purring. You'll sometimes catch her turning in circles chasing her tail (still hasn't caught the darn thing, though.) She's a little more careful t...
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Cici is a lovable torbie (a tabby with orange mixed in) Personality: Cici recently came from the outdoors with the rest of her family and is still a bit shy. DeeDee was alone and really needed a friend so Cici fit the bill (she came from a family of 3 kittens). Cici and DeeDee immediately became close. When they're in their crate, they can be found curled up in the big bed together...
9-May-2018Cary, NC(12 miles)Cats for Sale
"Don't Be Cruel"..."Love Me Tender"...after all, "I'm A Big Hunk of Love" and am already "Stuck On You". "It's Now or Never"...I'm sending you these "Love Letters" because "I Just Can't Help Believin'" that you feel the same way..."Burning Love" for me, too!!! "Can't Help Falling in Love" with "The Wonder of You"...so please come on down and "Surrender" to me! I am just as charming, clever, and...
8-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Orange Tabby Personality: He is super lovable and playful. Animal History: Born in a volunteer's house while trying to help his mother. Read more about George on the Independent Animal Resuce website. Or, Apply On-line to Adopt George!
13-Apr-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Orange and white tabby Personality: Fred loves to play and wants to have adventures! He is outgoing and friendly. He takes a moment to get to know a person and then he's friends for life. Animal History: Fred was born in a volunteer's house when she was trying to assist his mother. Read more about Fred on the Independent Animal Resuce website. Or, Apply On-line to Adopt Fred!
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Lovely orange tabby with with paws and a white belly. Personality: This outgoing, social, snuggle bug is just the kitten you're looking for! He will run to the door to greet you. Wand toys are his absolute favorite. Jupiter loves snuggling up to you in bed at night but during the day prefers to sleep together in a pile with his sisters Neptune and Pluto. They are the best of friend...
13-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Madras is a very attractive tuxedo cat with dark green eyes, white nose, bib and belly, little white socks and a bright pink nose; glossy midnight everywhere else. Madi is exquisite and extremely cuddly. Personality: Madras is an extremely attractive, silky, cuddly boy who loves playing and sleeping, and will demand your love! He likes to chase the kittens around and look out the w...
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Thistle is a gorgeous girl. Classic "M" Maine Coon Tabby markings on her forehead and cheeks. She also has some orange/ calico colors intertwined. She is beautifully unique. Personality: She is amazingly majestic, unique and lovely, with her M markings and her tabby/ calico coat combination. Thistle is wonderful, curious, and playful. She would best be suited in a quiet home, with ...
3-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Sleek, Athletic and shiny, Thal looks like a young panther! Personality: Thal is a curious, friendly and talkative young kitten. She loves exploring and was the 1st of her siblings to hang out away from mom. Dog friendly -she's been raised by his mom and his 2 doggie Aunties. Thal is a natural gymnastic star and would win all the kitty wrestling matches if not for her agile brother...
13-Apr-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Elegant boy, dressed in a black tuxedo with big eyes and whiskers - white feet and toes! Personality: Miggy is always a whirl of motion and ready to play. Raised with his 2 sisters and dog Aunties Jill and Lucy, he's still often the instigator of playtime. Loves to leap on tails - cat or canine. Miggy loves to sleep with people and other animals, especially his favorite sister - Th...
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Rhett is southern gentleman with striking terrific looks (and manners ladies)! He has medium length silky soft orange fur with some lighter striping throughout. SO Attractive!!! Personality: Rhett is a charming little guy with the prettiest personality! He is learning that humans are not too scary and thinks this inside life is pretty nice! Rhett loves to be held and will snuggle i...
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Boone is a strikingly attractive little guy with exquisite tabby markings in different shades of gray. Personality: Boone is an inquisitive and playful kitten! He loves to chase after toys and will carry his 'mouse' around in his mouth after catching it. Boone likes to be held and will purr away while he is in your arms. At 1st, Boone needs time to warm up to new people before he f...
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Gorgonzola (Zola) is teeny and playful grey tabby. Personality: Zola adjusts quick to new environments and gets along with all humans, her sister Pepper Jack, and our full grown cats. She is the most precious kitten I ever met and up until we started regular feather wand games, I did not even know she has claws. She loves eating at all times, lasers, and feather wands and will play...
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Mostly white with some orange kitten. Personality: Pepper Jack (Pepper) is a an orange & white shy adorable girl. She is cautious and can be skittish around unexpected movement and loud noises and it takes patience to let her warm up to you. That said, she is out and about more every day and just needs the consistency of a forever home. She is very playful and will crawl out from h...
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Shorthaired orange tabby Personality: Since then he has more than doubled his weight and has started to show his energetic personality. His hobbies include: chasing around balls containing bells (he might have been a decent soccer player in past life), throwing around catnip infused toys and playing tag with his housemate Cheeto. Dorito has never had an issue with being held and pa...
12-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Poe has silken,soft, black fur. He is a slender build. Personality: With raven fur and soulful eyes, young Poe was born to love and be loved. An offer of a cuddle and kisses will pull him away from even the most delicious of dishes, or the grandest adventure with his bold brother, Kipling. With his deep contented purrs, Poe can make the bleakest of days seem brighter, a heavy momen...
11-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Kipling is a attractive white and black kitty with soft rich fur and distinctive markings. Personality: This happy boy is always ready for an adventure. Joyfully bounding from room to room or window to window he will make sure that your backyard birds and squirrels are behaving as they should, and that all of your lost hair ties or market receipts have been retrieved from their hid...
10-May-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Cats for Sale
Description: Violet is all-white with pink nose, paws and ears. She is deaf. She has clear blue eyes and small frame with a robust and squishy belly. Personality: Violet is an absolutely adorable companion. Because of her deafness, t is recommended that she be the only pet in the home. The best home for her would be 1 where she could be the center of attention, a princess to her human friends. ...
Adopt Glenwood a Domestic Mediumhair / Mixed (short coat) cat in Raleigh, NC (20472059) shots current, spayed/neutered
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