17-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
I just recently moved into the area. Looking for any blinds, curtains and/or curtain rods. Will pickup ASAP. Thank you in advance!
17-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
I just recently moved and looking for any unused filing cabinets, bookshelves, and/or racks of any kind. Will pickup ASAP. Thank you in advance!
Hi! I am looking for any garden decorations or flower pots. Thanks in advance.
17-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a children's dresser in good condition, preferably natural colored or white. I am setting up a nursery. Any leads appreciated!
17-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, I am looking for a set of baby/dog gates to block off a wood stove in my new apartment. ( In the winter, I'll need to use it to heat my apartment, but I have a dog and cat, and I am afraid that they will get burned. Hence, I'd like to block it off, so they can't wander near it.) I'd be grateful if someone has an old set that they no longer use.
17-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
Do u have any plant pots big small or any trays please
17-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
Hi do u have any garden orneyments even is need 're painting I'll take them or any lights
16-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
Description: I am in DESPERATE need of some seat belt covers for my car...the plastic clips on mine are about gone...(well i lost one the other day driving down the road and the other one is about gone)...i have looked at all the junk yards here and have called the chevrolet dealship too...they tell me they dont have any and the only ones they can get are after market...im trying to keep from d...
grandkids moved in. need bed for them. Thanks in advanced
I could really use a bench vise. something around a 6in or so mouth.. Thanks in advance.. Dave
Rollator walker needed for tall man
Looking for a man's bicycle for my fiance to get back n forth to work. Can be any type but would like mountain or10 speed. So please if you have one lying around, give me a text to let me know. Within 10 miles from Knightdale. Thanks
Need a post hole digger for putting in a fence.thanks.
Hi, I am looking for moving boxes - all sizes and bubble wrap (for pictures and mirrors). We just missed the last offer posting but am hoping there are others who have some to spare. I can drive to North Raleigh, Cary and Morrisville area for pick up. Thank you!
11-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for moving boxes and packing materials. Thank you in advance!
ISO carpet tubes of any size, or similar long sturdy cardboard tubes. Thank you!
Looking for a working computer printer
9-Jul-2018Durham, NC(21 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a small charcoal grill or fire pit to grill on. If you've a spare or one that you don't use, Id be very grateful.
In need of a futon or similar size couch/loveseat
Window Air Condition
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